Monday, December 29, 2008

Storm Control Feature On 3560 Catalyst Switches

1. Storm control is supported in physical interfaces .It can be applied also on etherchannel.

2.When storm control feature is applied to etherchannel the storm control settings propagate to the physical interfaces.

3.The rising threshold level can be specified in percentage level ( 0.00 to 100.00 ) , bps or pps

4.storm-control action shutdown command will error-disable the port during a storm.

5.storm-control action trap command will generate an snmp trap during a storm.

6. When the rate of multicast threshold exceeds the value all incoming tarffic is blocked untill the level falls below the value & only STP packets are forwarded.

Unicast storm control example:

SWITCH#configure terminal
SWITCH(config)#int fa 0/7
SWITCH(config-if)#storm-control unicast level 75 65

In this example 75 percent is the rising threshold & 65 percent is the falling threshold.

SWITCH# show storm-control fa 0/7 unicast

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