Saturday, January 24, 2009

Subnetting Practice - For CCNA ... may be for CCNP too :-)

Ok Friends, let me share an another story of my CCNA days...hmmm...late 2005. While preparing for CCNA 640-801 exam....which I think was not easy at all for me, I was not comfortable with subnetting. I was reading books like CCNA by Todd Lamle and Cisco Press CCNA book by Wendell Odom. Both books were pretty good. People usually ask me specially people pursuing CCNA about which book is better for CCNA exam preparation or sometimes they ask Todd Lamle's book is better or Wendell Odom's. I would say Todd Lamle's CCNA book is pretty good to start with and thats the simplest book on CCNA I have ever read. The material is too friendly in nature but on the other side Wendell Odom is covering each topic in much more depth. So I would suggest to read both books to pass CCNA exam. Start with Todd Lamle's book and once you know all the basic stuff and you can make things working than jump on to Wendell Odom's book.

Also while preparing for CCNA exam I always tried to find some good tool for subnetting practice; finally I found a good online subnetting practice tool with help of one of my old friend. So here it is and best of luck :-)

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Deepak Arora

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