Sunday, February 1, 2009

Handy Show Run Linenum Command !!!

Yesterday while going through Cisco Doc CD I came to know about another handy command which can be very helpful in some situations so I through lets share it with you guys. The command is "sh run linenum full". What this does is add a sequence number before each line of Running-Configuration. This could be helpful in situation like when we are discussing some configuration over the phone call and can tell the person on the other side to look at specific line in the configuration to discuss and he can easily find that line through it's sequence number :-)

Router#sh run linenum full
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 575 bytes
1 : !
2 : version 12.4
3 : service timestamps debug datetime msec
4 : service timestamps log datetime msec
5 : no service password-encryption
6 : !
7 : hostname Router
8 : !
9 : boot-start-marker

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