Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Difference between interface service policy(QOS) and inter-zone security policy(ZBF)

The zone-based firewall uses security policy-maps to specify how the flows between zones should be handled based on their traffic classes. The obvious actions that you can use in the security policy are pass, drop and inspect, but there’s also the police action and one of the interesting question is: “why would you need the police action in the security policy if you already have QoS policing”.

The difference between interface service policy and inter-zone security policy is in the traffic aggregation: the interface service policy works on traffic classes entering or leaving a single interface and the inter-zone policy works on aggregate traffic between zones, including the return traffic if you’ve used the inspect command to configure stateful inspection of the traffic class.

For example, you could limit the amount of HTTP traffic between your internal clients and your DMZ segment to prevent the internal users from overloading your public web servers.

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