Friday, January 22, 2010

Preparing For CCIE SP Lab - Why SP instead of R&S ?

In last few days I have been asked many times from friends & blog readers about why I am shifting myself to SP track and not going further with R&S lab...Hmmm...Ok here is my opinion...but before that I must say I might be wrong about what I think about these two tracks... so these are just my personal opinions...So first reason is that R&S Lab has become lot more tough to pass than SP lab after introduction of version 4....only one guy has claimed to pass new version 4 lab since new lab format came into effect on sep 18,2009....I am not saying it's unbeatable but probably the amount of time I am able to put in my efforts is not enough for preparing R&S ver 4 lab currently...adding more I would say lab is quite costly too and I cannot' just attempt the lab to get the feel even when I know I am not gonna pass...some people in West does this....but they earn in dollars and pays in dollars...we earn in INR and pays in dollars makes great difference :)...don't you agree ?

The other reason (again just personal opinion) is that I feel SP lab is based upon more real world things than R&S...stuff like Advance QOS, Inter AS QOS/Multicast, Advance BGP, MPLS , MPLS TE, L2/L3 VPNs, VPLS etc....these all are SP lab topics and have very little scope in R&S track or may be I should say little scope or no scope at all compare to SP track. May be not all but most of these topics are in high demand in Networking Jobs these days....and I see a bit less competition in these technologies...or may be I really wanna BGP/MPLS expert some day :)

Another thing is both tracks have around 60% contents in common...which makes life a bit easier rather than moving to Voice or Security tracks...From my point of view I feel that even if I pass R&S I have to go for SP sooner or later...but if I pass SP Probably I need not to go for R&S later...there are some other personal opinions as well...but probably don't wanna discuss right now...

Best Regards,
Deepak Arora

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