Monday, March 15, 2010

CCIE R&S/SP Switching Study Plan

Here today I am gonna share the study plan which I used myself to prepare for R&S/SP lab switching portion preparation. It worked pretty well for me and now I feel quite comfortable with this section. During this preparation I used Narbik's workbooks as I didn't have INE/IP Expert Workbooks, but if you like INE/IPX too much like many others then there shouldn't be any problem with that :)

So here we go:
1. CCNP BCMSN EXAM Cert Guide  - From David Hucaby
    skip following chapters including TCAM Details

a. Network Design
b. Wireless portion
c. Multicasting portion

2.while reading any topic in the workbook make sure 

you can find all these topics in the DOC CD under 
3560 Configuration guide:

3. Go through the following switching articles:

4. Finish Train Signal BCMSN Videos from Chris bryant

5. Finish INE AT COD Switching sessions - Old ver (10 Days)

6. Finish IP Expert VODs on Switching - old ver (From Scott)

7. Your favourite workbook switching labs on Rack 

    (Use DOC CD whenever needed to configure solution)

8. Make notes about new findings learned during lab session

9. Read CCIE Short notes from Ruhann on Switching

10. Free V Lectures on Switching : From IPX

11. Repeat Step 7 
     (Use DOC CD whenever needed to configure solution)

Happy Studying...

Best Regards,
Deepak Arora


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Deepak said...

Very good compilation..

Also we can add one more point is Topics covered in CCIE Official certification guide.

Hey what about study plan for other topics such as Routing, IP Services etc...


PRAवीण said...

hey brother u mention about switching would you post for routing thing how u do

Srinivasan said...

Hi it's very good collection. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

Srinivasan said...

Hi It's very nice collections. Thanks for sharing this!

Wassim said...

Nice post Deepak, keep writing!

satish padhey said...

Very usefull piece of information for all networking enthusiast. Keep sharing your information on networking