Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off Topic - Some Non Technical Stuff from Childhood days

I guess this is the second off topic or non-technical topic so far on my blog, but what else can say except I simply can't resist myself to do this.

This is regarding a a book on Children Stories called "Roosi Lok Kathayein" AKA "Russian Folk Tales". This book was basically written by Russian Writers around 70's I guess. Later some people translated this into Hindi and gave it this hindi name. 
I think I was of 10 when my Grandpa gave me this book. I read each story several times. But as i grew up I lost it some where with time. I tried to find it out many times later with no luck.

But finally I googled it today and found it's PDF. I wish I'll be able to find it's hard copy somewhere as well.

So If you still love and remember those great stories of your childhood, you will definitely like this :)

Deepak Arora

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Ashish Sharma said...

HI, Thanks for sharing the book. I tried the link for the "Roosi lok kathayan" but it didnt work. Do you still have a copy?

With Regards