Friday, May 28, 2010

VX Heavens - The virus collection library

I am not sure about you guys if you were ever been interested in virus re-search but there is a friend of mine VIKAS TANEJA who was and still is. He is a very different kind of guy in terms of learning and exploring technologies. He earned his Bachelor in Computer Science and since his collage days he has been involved in understanding and developing virus and anti-virus codes along with stuff of similar nature or stuff that falls under category of Ethical Hacking. So here let me share a website which he told me about once - VX HEAVEN. This website contains lots of collection of virus, worms, trojans etc. I mean if you ever thought to  get into that stuff then you gonna love this. 

Here is a quick URL  -

In case you want to know more about Vikas or what kind of stuff he does then please visit -

Best Regards,
Deepak Arora

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