Friday, July 30, 2010

Frame-Relay Challenge 1 - Solve The Puzzle

So welcome back everyone and here is the first puzzle which I am posting for blog followers today. Up-till now I was showing up various scenarios with explanation and required configs & other details.

But today I want to add some more fun here for you guys. So here is a great frame-relay challenge for you guys which I solved recently sent by one friend. And of-course this scenario got so much to teach you and test your frame-relay skills. To solve this scenario you would need to recall all frame relay basics. At-least that's what I feel honestly.

One last thing as surprise package is - the first guy who will post the correct solution as per requirements will get a surprise CCIE R&S preparation material from me in free. :-)

I'll wait till 5 PM IST Monday evening before I post the correct solution here. So good luck as you have plenty of time for such small but still interesting task to be solved & have a nice weekend ahead.

Here are the quick requirements with Detailed Diagram. 

1.> Configure a partially meshed Frame-Relay network between Router R1, R2, R3 & R4 Using DLCI information given in the diagram

2.> Don't use subinterfaces on R1, R2 & R3

3.> Use Sub-interface on .1 on R4 eg - s0/0.1

4.> Don't use any dynamic Frame-Relay mappings anywhere

5.> Don't use any Static Frame-Relay mappings on R4

6.> Traffic From R2 destined for R4 should transit R1

7.> All other traffic should take the most direct path through Frame-Relay network

Note:- No Extra Configs should be put unless otherwise specified, all router should have full reach-ability (including self interfaces), no redundant broadcast should be occurring on any of DLCIs.

For those who want to test this topology on GNS and are little new to Frame-Relay Switch  configurations over GNS. Here is a quick screen shot for you of  FR Switch Mappings:

And of course you can send me your solution directly through email at  -

And at last but not least....Don't just freak out in the middle while solving this :-)

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