Friday, August 6, 2010

Frame-Relay Challenge 2 - Solution

So welcome back and now it's time to reveal the solution for challenging Frame-Relay challenge.

Today I am little short of time so just going to show up the configuration, verification and troubleshooting part in sequence without much of explanation. Also I believe that the all three parts(configuration, verification & troubleshooting) are very much self explanatory and most of the people won't be having problem to understand it. But in-case someone has some doubt or want to discuss something in this regards, please feel free to drop me an email at -

and have a nice weekend :-) 

Also no lucky winner so far with right configs (both challenges)  :-(

Will post one RIP challenge on Monday morning as someone recently asked me for it --- Watch out for that on monday Manish :-)

Here we are with configs now :


The only way to meet the first objective is using concept of PPP Over FR.


Here you are looking at magic of PPP Peer Neighbor Route Feature.

Lets verify Spoke To Spoke Reachability.


The config shown in notepad has to be done on R2, R3 & R4 in order to establish full reachability. The reason I showed notepad config here to share the fact that when we are supposed to do similar configs like this on multiple routers, in that case notepad can be very handy and can save a lot of time during configuration section of Lab.

Deepak Arora