Monday, August 9, 2010

RIP Challenge 1 - Solve The Puzzle

So here we are with another Challenge 1 for this week. I am sure that coming up with 2 exiting challenges is not a bad idea either. Anyways...Let's talk about RIP challenge as most of the networks guys (specially experienced ones) gonna say...."ehhh.....that should be simple" coz it's RIP. RIP...hmmm....RIP is very simple and straight forward kind of least that's what most of people think.

Anyways let's me show the RIP diagram with all details and the requirement to full fill :-)

Requirements: My Favorite Part :-) 
1. The RIP Updates from R1 over network 
    should not be send as "Multicast" or "Broadcast" packets. 

2. Establish Full Connectivity/reachability among 
    loopback interfaces of all three routers.

1. "neighbor" command shouldn't be used anywhere.
2.  Redistribution is not allowed anywhere.
3.  PBR, Static Routing, Default Routing, Tunnels are not allowed.

Best Of Luck...
Deepak Arora



hey we want to use nattting

Anil said...

can be achieve by using NAT

ip nat outside source static udp 520 520 extendable

int se 0/0
ip nat outside
then clear ip route *