Thursday, September 9, 2010

CCIE Troubleshooting Labs - From Tripple CCIE DAN Shechter

If you preparing for CCIE R&S then you must aware about 2 Hours Long Hands On Complex Troubleshooting Section it has got since Ver 4 Blueprint introduced.

To help people further; Popular CCIE Instructor Narbik K along with CCIE DAN S have written a TS Workbook. 

Apart from that DAN is running a blog where he posts TS tickets in free for R&S candidates.

So here is quick link to DAN's Blog :

If you interested in buying whole TS workbook please visit : 

Also worth to mention that 1 complete TS Lab out of that workbook is free to download as sample.

and of-course...they are not paying me anything to share all this info :-)

Deepak Arora

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