Monday, October 18, 2010

RIP Configuration Mock Lab - Final Version Completed

Today I proudly announce Completion of my RIP Mock Lab. It was part of an effort to bring free knowledge to people who can't afford to buy costly CCIE Lab preparation material. I started off this effort around 2 years back as an independent Technical blogger and will continue with that as long as possible.

But it's definitely not an effort against any CCIE Vendor. I truly respect them and their work. It's just my effort to bring something for people from developing countries like India where salaries don't match with Global Standards which makes life pretty tough in-case someone want to go for CCIE.

Hopefully every blog reader will like and Enjoy it. Here is the quick URL for download Lab - Tasks, Diagrams, GNS Topology for Windows & Initials. 

However for Solution Guide, I would request you spend little time to write an email to me (@ - with your comments on RIP mock lab and about my blog and efforts (Good or bad).

All files are in secure pdf format with password as - deepakarora (same password for RAR file). Make sure you guys use Primo PDF Viewer software(  to open pdf file to avoid any format issue which you may have with Adobe pdf Reader.

Deepak Arora 

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