Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OSPF Mock Lab 1 - Finally Out

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As I promised earlier, Finally the I am proud to announce about release of OSPF Mock Lab-1 & Trust me it's not going to be easy one :-)

But on the other hand I won't be able to work on any more Protocol Based Mock lab until I pass my R&S Lab which is scheduled for April End 2011. Reason being is that developing such material takes significant time. The OSPF mock lab was supposed to come out in two parts with around 25-30 Tasks each. But you guys must wait for OSPF Mock Lab 2 now. 

But still I am trying my best to bring entertainment for all readers in terms of learning.

With that being said, here is quick link for downloading list of tasks file. Again I would suggest to use Foxit Acrobat reader incase you guys can't see it properly in Adobe Acrobat reader. The password for PDF file is again - deepakarora 

Logical topology you can see above. For GNS physical topology refer the diagram:

Here is the quick link to download initial configuration file that you would need for each router. Also I added some troubleshooting. So watch out for that :-)

As your OSPF peerings may not come up easily. For getting solution for any of tasks send me an email at - with your comments about Blog and Mock Labs.

Deepak Arora 


Michael said...

Hi Deepak,
is there a chance you could update the 4shared links. they appear to be dead by now.

Deepak Arora said...

Here You Go Mike :

Deepak Arora

Michael said...

Thanks, Deepak. Appreciate it.

Praveen said...

would expect net file nd initial config so lab task focus on only solution so do we expect these type lab will float now for all protocol

if so i would say so much thanks to you for that