Thursday, November 18, 2010

Transiting Non-BGP Speaking Devices

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Requirements :
1. Establish Connectivity between R4(Lo1) <--> R5(Lo1). Lo0 interfaces are used just to setup BGP session.

1. R2 can't run BGP instance, no static routes or 
    default routes/PBR.
2. No redistribution is allowed anywhere to establish full 
    connectivity between R4 & R5's Loopback 1 Interfaces.

1. R1/R3's Lo0 interfaces are advertised into EIGRP.
2. R1/R3 points a host static route towards R5/R4 
    respectively & Vice Versa to obtain basic reachability to 
    Lo0 interfaces. 

Solution:  Coming Soon....

Deepak Arora 

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