Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Routing-Bits Handbook for R&S AKA CCIE R&S Short Notes - From Dual CCIE Ruhann

Just yesterday morning I got my official copy of Routing-Bits Handbook on my email and good part was that it was free of any charge :-) since I buy very first version of this couple of months back.

Not to mention that if you are working on CCIE R&S like me then you should definitely check this out . 

Also Ruhann is going to release his SP Handbook in coming month too. Which I am definitely gonna buy :-)  as my ultimate goal is to learn SP technologies at Expert Level.


Deepak Arora
CCIE - 0::0/0 Null0


Anonymous said...

I hear it's a great study guide but sadly the DRM allows for it to be used on Windows only. No Mac, no iPad or Kindle... even heard it won't work inside a Windows VM.

Anonymous said...

The DRM file is viewable inside a windows VM on special request.

Anonymous said...

The handook in in hard format or digital?