Saturday, February 26, 2011

EIGRP Offset-List Not Working - Troubleshooting Series(Ticket 1)

Today I am going to start a 12 ticket long troubleshooting series for all readers. The tickets will be posted in every week or two followed by solutions for old ones every week too. There will be 48 Hrs time line for solving each ticket starting from time of posting. Who so ever will solve all 12 tickets within the time line with following details will win exiting gift :-)

1. What is root cause of problem ?
2. How we can fix it with minimal changes in pre-configuration?

The winner will win CCNP TSHOOT Exam Certification Guide Hard Copy.

Take a look at topology and configuration below and determine why EIGRP offset-list is not working.

Deepak Arora


Ziyad B. said...

EIGRP offset lists manipulate the delay K value to create the offset. Since the delay K value aka metric was set to 0 the offset isn't working :)

TLAC said...

Hi Deepak, first thanks for the challenge :-)
From my analysis the issue is related with the EIGRP metric formula. Since we are only using K1 (BW) which is defined as 64k... At maximum we will have a value of 40000000, so there is no way to get a higher metric value, even using an offset-list :-)
Very nice idea and thanks once again!!


Eigrp offset list uses delay values to add the metric values to the existing vlaues.If u make the delay component as zero when u r calculating metric makes offset list wont work for eigrp.

Anonymous said...

By offset list you are adding delay to metric. In your configuration you set K value for delay to zero. So it is simple ignored..

Deepak Ruhela said...

Hi Deepak, Could you please upload other trouble tickets as well. I only can see one. :)


Deepak Ruhela