Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MPLS VPN Troubleshooting - Bob Calling For Help !!!

Finally after a long gap I am back with my tutorials and labs for learning and fun. Few weeks back I posted MPLS VPN Lab topology, So before explaining it step by step I thought to bring it as challenge for people who already know MPLS from R&S lab prospective and are looking for some troubleshooting stuff on it. So I am going to bring today a MPLS VPN TS challenge for them.

So our old friend BOB was sitting free on monday after noon and then he received an email containing the following topology and two fault tickets.

The topology has got two different MPLS VPNs. One is VPN blue and another is VPN red. VPN blue site 1 should be able to reach VPN blue site 2 and vice versa and same case with VPN RED. But both VPNs shouldn't be able to talk to each other.

Below is the link to download initials for lab along with GNS topology and IOS version details to run it. See if you can help BOB with this problem.

BTW.... Avoid removing configurations completely. Also being a excellent engineer, don't use "sh run" to show your skills.


Deepak Arora


Sandeep said...

Hi Deepak,
First of thanks for such a good MPLS T Shoot topology.
I have worked on your topology.. The Faults are very well engineered in this and I was able to break it for 1 VPN

I was wondering WHY P router is running BGP here?

Sandeep said...

Hi Deepak,

First of Thanks for such a good MPLS T Shoot topology. The faults in the topology are really well engineered.

I was wondering Why the P router is running BGP here? You could have made it as BGP free core by not running BGP on P router..

Chitresh Bhatia said...

Its because its an RR , So we need to configure BGP to act as a ROUTE REFLECTOR SERVER for clients R1 & R3

If its just P router then we just need to configure IGP and MPLS , no need to configure BGP.

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