Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some More Troubleshooting Fun With EIGRP

Recently I got this request from a friend working on CCNP. He was looking for some troubleshooting labs. So I thought to help him out with couple of labs and to other people who are preparing for CCNP TS exam.

So to add some fun I created this small troubleshooting lab last night. Below is the topology :

R1 should be able to reach R4's loopback and vice versa. For verification point of view the command -  R4#ping so lo0 should have 100% success rate. Also R4 should be able to telnet R1 and get login prompt.

Here are the initial configuration files and GNS topology for you guys :

Also recently I saw a nice post from CCIE Anthony at which might help you along the way:

Again... Being a good network engineer, Avoid using "sh run" and instead try to find and fix the problem using other "show" commands.

Deepak Arora


Praveen said...

u r simply best but need more TSHOOT LAN on OSPF and EIGRP,RIP hope U will post next one soon and new post are coming fast now....will wait

Anonymous said...

whats the answer to this.

i see one interface down from R2.