Sunday, January 29, 2012

CCIE R&S Routing Study Plan - IPv4

Every once in a while I get this request to write a CCIE R&S Routing Study Plan similar to CCIE R&S Switching study plan :

So lets list all routing topics and allow me to list my attack plan for each of those starting with RIP today... I'll keep adding for rest soon...

1. RIPv2
4. BGP
6. Learning each of above mentioned routing protocol from MPLS prospective.

Misc :

1. ODR
2. PBR
4. Understanding CEF & IOS Switching
5. Understanding Load Sharing Vs Load Balancing
6. Protocol independent features

So lets begin with RIP for today :)


1. INE R&S ATC VODs RIP Lectures 

2. Jeff Doyle's TCP/IP Vol 1(2nd Edition) 

Two Chapters Just Talking about RIP along with some very good corner case scenarios. Technically one chapter talks about RIPv1 which is not on blueprint but still a good read to grasp fundamentals.

Make sure you test all RIP labs given in this book along the way.

3. Read about RIP from Ruhann's R&S Handbook :

4. Enough Theory ? .... Not yet :) ... Move onto RIP Technology Page

5. Okay... Enough Theory...Time to get some hands dirty with RIP Labs.

Alternatively you can follow any good R&S workbook vendor's RIP Technology Labs like - INE ( , IP Expert ( Or Narbik ( ...Whatever works best for you

6. Some important blog posts.

7. Enough ? :)... Not Yet... Lets move to final phase and read through IOS 12.4T RIP configuration & command reference guides along with 12.4 T IOS Independent Feature Guide/Command Ref and make sure next time you know where to find what.

8. Though by this time you should be good with RIP troubleshooting as well, but just to add one extra bit, INE R&S Troubleshooting Class On Demand is an excellent resource to prepare for this part.

Deepak Arora


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