Wednesday, June 20, 2012

INE Free OER/PFR V-Lecture - By Brian Dennis

PFR is one of the topics which lately most of R&S Engineers find either hard to understand or hate it ;-)

So to help students with the preparation, INE conducted a Free V-Seminar on PFR. The seminar ran for around 8 Hrs during which Brian Dennis himself walk through the advanced PFR scenarios.

PFR or Performance Routing was initially introduced as feature called OER or Optimized Edge Routing. During 12.4 series of IOS (official R&S Lab Version), the feature was not developed fully or I should say mature enough. But since the introduction of IOS 15.x Series, Feature has grown very well and I would expect more PFR to be implemented in real world as people move or migrate their networks to IOS 15. IOS 15 has many other feature which will change the network world significantly like LISP.

During the Seminar Brian also suggested that he will be running a 3 Days PFR class soon which will be covering PFR features which can be implemented in IOS 15 and are not available in IOS version 12.4

So here is the URL of V-Seminar recording:

Here is the URL for Cisco's official PFR Documentation page:

Also INE PFR Class Expect you to have some basic PFR understanding, For that I would recommend following V-Lecture from IP Expert Instructor - Tyson Scott

Deepak Arora

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