Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spanning Tree for Dummies - Poem From Radia Perlman


I think that I shall never see

a graph more lovely than a tree.

A tree whose crucial property

is loop-free connectivity.

A tree that must be sure to span

so packets can reach every LAN.

First, the root must be selected.

By ID, it is elected.

Least-cost paths from root are traced.

In the tree, these paths are placed.

A mesh is made by folks like me,

then bridges find a spanning tree.
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Deepak Arora

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

IPv6 Deep Dive Training

This whole week I'll be going through IPv6 Advanced Training from Authorized Cisco Partner. The first day was more focussed on fundamentals and all which I have already went through during my CCIE R&S. But still picked up few new and nice things. Also R&S Lab was more focussed on Routing & Tunneling Techniques. Where this training is also looking at other aspects like WINDOWS/LINUX/MAC side configurations which I never tried much earlier. Also other important deev dives on topics like DHCPv6, DNSv6, v6 PE-CE & v6 mobility etc. Following is the lab topology that each candidate have access to. I'll post more details next week.

Class Outline:

Deepak Arora