Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cisco ME 3400 Metro Ethernet Switching Notes

> All ports are in shutdown mode by default

> No DTP Supported

> Trunks only support 802.1Q Encapsulation

> No VTP Supported

> Rapid PVST is default STP mode

> By default all Down stream ports are configured as port type UNI

> By default all Up stream ports are configured as port type NNI

> port-type [UNI|ENI|NNI]

> UNI can only send traffic to NNI

> UNI Don't support  - STP, CDP/LLDP, LACP/PAGP but ENI Does but must be manually enabled

> "sh port-type" to verify Port Type Status of any given interface

>"uni-vlan isolated|community" default is "isolated"..... the command doesn't apply to VLAN 1. Configuration goes under VLAN mode.

> Local UNI interface can't ping local SVI for same VLAN it is in without "IP Routing" turned ON but can ping  remote switch SVI for same VLAN.

> NNI Port in ME = Regular Port in Cat IOS

Deeepak Arora

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