Monday, April 8, 2013

CCIE Lab Keyboard Format...Something you May Wanna Consider

Though some people may find this unnecessary or too much thinking about CCIE Lab Exam but still I highly recommend people preparing for CCIE Lab to use same keyboard format as you gonna encounter in real lab. Personally I didn't use this as part of my strategy during my lab earlier but I know couple of people who made too many mistakes because they were use to with other format and couldn't finish up lab on time. Even If I rate myself, I type much faster on my personal laptop than I was typing in during my lab attempt on given keyboard. Just ordered one this time as part of my strategy: 

Or Google - Logitech K120 keyboard

Deepak Arora


Lord Lizarazo said...


Very good recommendation if you've heard from friends who have been to present and tell me that sometimes get used to the keyboard in 8 hours is not easy.
I've been doing a blog but in Spanish on Review
I'll recommend buying the keyboard

Salman said...

Keyboard was the issue for me in my recent lab exam and I failed it because I am used to my laptop keyboard