Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Apply For CCIE Lab Invitation Letter From Cisco - Good To Have If You Are Attempting Lab Abroad

Below are some common questions and answers regarding CCIE Lab Invite Letters -

Q. How do I request an Invite Letter (entrance visa) to attend a CCIE Lab?
A. If you require an Entrance Visa to attend your lab exam, it is strongly recommended you apply 10-12 weeks before your lab date. Candidates will need to submit an online case via the "Contact Us" tab at and choose the Product, CCIE > CCIE (Desired Track, i.e. Routing and Switching or Voice > General Information.

Q. Is there a penalty if a candidate is unable to attend their lab because they were unable to obtain an Invite letter?
A. Candidates unable to obtain a required travel visas will still be bound by these cancellation policies and must cancel their lab exam before the payment due date to be eligible for a refund. Please visit the CCIE Policies at

Q. How many people can the invite letter be addressed to?
A. Invite letters are for single entry only. The only person that can be added to this invite is the person that is attending the CCIE Lab.

Q. How are Invite Letters provided to candidates that are attending a CCIE Lab?
A. Invite letters, once processed, are attached to the certification case that was opened and will be in PDF form. 

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