Thursday, May 16, 2013

CCDE Resource List

Today I spent quite a bit of time to understand what is CCDE all about and what are general recommendation by people (CCDEs) to achieve it. 

Though CCDE was always on my chart but I have yet to decide if I should focus on CCIE DC first Vs CCDE. Also I don't have too much of experience yet designing large scale networks for enterprise & sp per say. Also I was keeping CCDE earlier as long term goal. But on the flip side I have good understanding of MPLS now which is one of the key technologies they test you on in CCDE Lab. But of course from Design solution perspective. Also there is hardly any self placed material to prepare for CCDE. 

While I am trying to reach Brian McGahan (INE) and Scott Morris (Evil Genius)  through mail to see what they have to say, here is a quick list I compiled which one would probably want to go through considering CCDE.

Deepak Arora

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Ahmed Muhi said...

The books that are always recommend all over the place can be short listed to the following three:

BGP design and implementation (tip: start with this one )
Optimal routing design
Definitive MPLS design

and Cisco live virtual keeps getting mentioned over and over, one nice tip for finding good presentations is to follow the presenters, for example Don slice, Alvaro retana, Russ white, etc.

Thank you for the links.

Ahmed Muhi