Sunday, July 7, 2013

FCIP - (Storage Series Part-8)

Fiber Channel Over IP (FCIP)

- SCSI over FCP over TCP over IP

- Same protocol stack as fiber channel

- Initiator and Targets are still Native FC (or FCOE)

- Used for FC SAN Extension like SAN replication over DCI (Data Center Interconnect), 
   for example running FCIP over OTV will be - SCSI over FCP over TCP over IP over 
   Ethernet over MPLS over GRE over IP over Ethernet


MDS FCIP Gateway Configuration

- Configure normal FC to initiators & targets

- Configure IP Connectivity between MDSes

- Configure FCIP Tunnel

- FCIP tunnel now counts as a TE port

_ Normal FC Switching design now applies

- FCIP only supported on MDS

FCIP Configuration Example

feature fcip
fcip profile 10
 ip add
inteface fcip 12
 use-profile 10
 peer-info ipadd
 no shut

sh fcip summary

sh int fcip 12 brief

sh int fcip12 trunk vsan

sh fcip profile

Deepak Arora

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