Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Plans For 2014

Finally it's 1st Jan, 2014. So perhaps just the right time to plan things for 2014 by setting up goals. Of course both personal and professional.

So starting with the interesting part which is CCIE :) , I'll be dedicatedly working on CCIE Data Center Lab Preparation from 1st Of Feb. Yes you read it right, I got to study and finish lots of other topics in the mean while which I would say are requirement of my current project at work.

I had couple of things to choose between initially like :

CCDE - Which is very very interesting as far as learning Design goes. But Designing is just part of my current job as Consultant but lots of other things also have been part of equation as well like Operations, Troubleshooting, Technical Account Management, Planning, Leadership, Helping Customers & Pre-Sales teams with Decision Making, POCs, Documentation etc. But I would more likely return back to CCDE after CCIE DC. Also I would still be trying to spend at least 5 Hrs a week to study Design.

CCIE DC - I had spent couple of months earlier preparing for Storage & Nexus Portion of Lab Blueprint. Also worked quite a bit on Nexus Product line last year including implementing features like VPC, VDC & OTV etc. So possibly will be attempting lab in next 6-9 months.

CCIE SP-OPS - Current Project have lot to do with NGN, ASR Product Line, Unified MPLS Network For Mobile Transport , Network Automation, CGN, EVC etc. I have spent a month time already to learn and grasp this new stuff and will be spending entire Jan too. It's always good to align your job requirements with professional goals. So as I go further with current project, this is something that may push me to go for CCIE SP-OPS. Also Cisco's IOS-XR Specialist certification might be good way to start with.

Also I'll try to find sometime this year to learn some new stuff for which I have developed interests recently like - SDN/Open Flow/One PK, Java Programming, Python Scripting & Basics of Junos, VCP.

Now enough of professional/Career goals. Let's talk about personal goals :)

Lately I have put up lots of weight in last few years. Usually I tell people that I am getting closer in look to Brian M and Scott Morris And More CCIEs means More Weight :)

But I'll find time for Gym now for sure. Also very interested to learn swimming this year.

But on the flip side life is always full of surprises which pushes us further to change or tweak the plans :)

Also I'll try to keep blogging and maintain the difference by talking and writing more about Network Technologies and Products by not following typical or conventional ways but rather keep focusing on making things easier & simple. And maintaining the Fun as part of learning.

With that being said, Happy New Year to All of you from Evil CCIE.