Saturday, February 1, 2014

How To Change Regular BGP Config Format To Address Family Format

While the World of BGP is keep on changing like any other routing protocol in terms of development, one of the thing that's commonly becoming standard these days or perhaps there is lot of push towards that direction in recent times is adopting the Address Family Structure to keep things neat and clear in terms of configuration review.

Also when it comes to BGP, the configuration lines grow very quickly in Large Enterprise & Data Center environments. And BGP is taking a major place into DMVPN and Large Scale Data Center Environment where Cisco is pushing it under Best Practices in terms of Routing protocol choice.

So one of feature BGP supports to help us with Address Family Structure or it's adoption without creating much pain in butt is - BGP Upgrade CLI.

Here is a quick Example:

Deepak Arora

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Daniel De Pellegrin Kratz said...

Hi Mr. Evil CCIE,

In IOS, at least in that ones that I´d tested, at the first time that you configure an address-family the cli is automagically upgraded.

Is there any gotcha with this feature?