Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Funtime With JunOS - The Saga Begins

While going through my CV recently I was wondering how many Network OS skills I had to develop throughout my career in Network Industry and how many yet to learn. The list starts from our plain old IOS of Cisco followed by other flavors that Cisco offers for different set of platforms like IOS-XE, IOS-XR, CAT-OS & NX-OS.

While I can only wish that Cisco will give a thought to come up with a Unified sort of Network OS for their different set of platforms, but that don't seem to be happening anytime soon considering different platforms are designed around different set of needs based on different set of Operating Environments like Enterprise Vs Service Provider Vs Data Center etc...

In the mean while I decided to have fun with Juniper's Unified Network OS called JunOS. I am planning to go for JNCIA JUNOS exam in next 45-60 days time to begin with considering no prior experience with JunOS. But depending upon how much I fall in love with this new exiting Juniper world, I may go further with their certification tracks.

At the same time reason behind choosing JunOS or JNCIA is to develop skill set around Vendor Interoperability which is a crucial and part of long term career plans I have for myself.

 As I just got my first JunOS device boot in GNS3 today, plan is to use following material in conjunction to prepare for the JNCIA-JunOS exam:

  1. Book : Junos OS For Dummies

2. INE's Introduction To JunOS Video Course

3. CBT Nuggets's JNCIA JunOS Video Course

So expect some cool posts not only around Juniper and JunOS stuff but also I'll try to add another element into this with interoperability part.

Deepak Arora

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