Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CCDE IGP Study Plan Part 1 - IS-IS

Finally I found some time recently to study and move on with CCDE plan. The idea is to take CCDE written in next 6 months at max. Since I have been doing on and off study for quite a while, I decided to gear up this time and work based on attack plan I had per technology duing my CCIE R&S couple of years back since the approach did well for me. The plan is more likely to work since to me CCDE is just a getting into mindset of a Network Designer but otherwise it's just a vast collection of exam topics that carefully needs to be examined and prepared for.

So to start with I picked up one of my fav routing protocol (IGP) which is yet not very well known - Integrated IS-IS or IS-IS for IP or IS-IS in general.

There are many personal reasons that I would pick it as protocol of choice if I have to pick for an ISP Network Design over more popular OSPF. But let's not get into IS-IS vs OSPF discussion yet.

Below is the study plan I used so far and I am quite happy about with progress.

1. Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 (2nd Edition) - Jeff Doyle - Cisco Press
2. Optimal Routing Design  - Russ White - Cisco Press
3. IS-IS Network Design Solutions  - Abe Martey - Cisco Press > Two 
    Design Chapters
5. SPF calculation in OSPF and IS-IS
6. ISIS Link-Group
7. Using BFD to Detect WAN Forwarding Errors
9. Do not EVER run OSPF or IS-IS with your Internet customers
10. Missing routes when running IS-IS over Frame Relay
11. Cisco Live 365 - BRKRST-2335 - IS-IS Network Design and Deployment  
     (2012 San Diego)
12. Cisco Live 365 - BRKRST-2327 - ISIS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting
     (2013 Orlando)
13. Cisco Live 365 - BRKRST-2338 - ISIS Deployment in Modern Networks
     (2014 San Francisco) 
14. Packet Pushers - Show 89 – OSPF vs IS-IS Smackdown – Where You Can  
     Watch Their Eyes Reload
15. ISIS Authentication types
16. IS-IS Notes
17. IS-IS Study Guide Cisco IOS,IOS-XR 
18. IS-IS Routing Protocol FAQ

Under point '3' I chose Cisco Press IS-IS Network Design Solutions while there were some other good options too suggested by many CCIE and CCDE friends. But after carefully examining the contents through quick review I preferred Cisco Press book. But other books are no less either if you pick one of those like:

The Complete IS-IS Routing Protocol

OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks

IS-IS: Deployment in IP Networks

With that being said, hope to come up with IS-IS design articles and possibly a short IS-IS CCDE type case study in coming month.

Deepak Arora


CCIE Certification Training said...

I very happy to read this informative post.Its a very useful for everyone.

CCIE Certification Training said...

I am very happy to read this post.Its very useful for me.

Anonymous said...

Great list deepak. I like your comment on CLN on Marwan topic how to think like designer. I think that guy had no clue what he is talking about and ruttles on ccde vs ccie. He failed ccie 3 times and then chosen ccde path. You are absolutely right all ccde material is written by CCIE. That book is going to be a rubbish anyway. I worked with him in didata and he had no clue of anything but just bullshit. So don't be based on that book you will ace it with your own material.