Saturday, November 7, 2015

Does SDN Going To Solve All Of Our Problems ?

I have been getting into discussions on web and see people claiming or rather predicting how SDN is going to take over the current Network Industry . While SDN to me is not necessary a bad thing but something couldn't just be called as SDN just because it solves an old problem in a different way (Programming the network is just one of those).

Also IMHO its not necessarily to do some new things just because that's possible. For example I have been recently to a NSX session where trainer was telling about how VMware teams won't depend upon Network Engineers any longer to setup a network to grant access to new VM or Server since they usually takes weeks and now NSX solves this problem with overlay networks.

But is that really a Network Engineering Problem to begin with ? or Rather it's a Business Model / Process Design Issue ? :) ... So while SDN or NSX tries to solve this problem with overlay networks, they seem to be rather focusing on wrong areas. :)

What Do You Think ?

Deepak Arora


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Anonymous said...

A true SDN solution includes overlay and underlay technologies both usually running bare switches and routers. Commercial offering by Cisco and VMware are not a true SDN solution. It is merely accompanying existing technologies with twist. ACI at least attempts to offer over and underlay technologies but only with the fabric. NSX makes sense for if your networking team can't respond fast enough but you still need the entire team to deploy initial infrastructure.